Monday, September 7, 2009

Thanks, Phil! Sonny Starr Interview with Me Now Available Here

My nephew Phil just came by and upgraded my PC a wee bit, and I asked him to transfer the Sonny Starr radio interview I did (about the new STAR TREK movie and the newest De book, ENDURING LEGACY, and my association with De) from a CD to a wma file so I could share it with y'all at long last. So here it is. Enjoy! (Select Download or Copy from the menu and take it from there.)

The interview is about ten minutes long. Sonny very kindly gave me permission to use it in any way I see fit... so if you'd like to disseminate this to other TREK/Kelley sites, feel free. The more people who hear it, the better for both Sonny Starr (Starr Talk Radio, available via the Internet every Sunday night; he interviews golden oldie stars. It's a delightful program every single week!) and book sales.

Thanks for you help! Let me know if you place it anywhere else.


Andy Matner said...

Really enjoyed your interview & I'm happy to hear there will be a 2nd edition of Enduring Legacy. I'll hold off on getting to my 1st edition bound.

Kristine M Smith said...

The second edition won't be for another five years, and then only if I get enogh additional contirbutions to make it worthwhile. So submit something, Andy!

Andy Matner said...

Sadly I never got to meet De or any of the cast in fact. I couldn’t say he inspired me in any meaningful way. I just enjoyed his character & I always heard he was a gentleman; no one had a bad word to say against him. Unlike most of the original cast who seemed to have grievances with each other, mainly with Bill Shatner.
De just struck a cord with me because he seemed to be a decent man who loved his wife & the simple things in life. A rarity in the madness of Hollywood I imagine.