Thursday, February 28, 2013

I've Exceeded the $100,000 Milestone as a Copywriter!! WOO HOO!!!

I'm happy to report that I've exceeded the $100K milestone as a copywriter. I remember (when I officially hung my shingle and "went for it" in November 2008) how impossibly distant $100,000 seemed. And now I've surpassed it.

Actually, if I include the year that I was employed as a fledgling copywriter for an on-hold company (all of 2007 and the first week in 2008) I exceeded the $100K mark well over eight months ago. 

How cool is that?

It's official: I make my living as a copywriter and author. And I have never been happier in any job I've ever held. It consumes my life, but it's going by in the way I always dreamed of living my life, so what's not to love?

So tonight I'm congratulating myself on the beauty of my dreams and encouraging all of you to go for yours. If you'll work for yourself as hard as you work for other people, you can make it, too.  

Read SETTLE FOR BEST: Satisfy the Winner You Were Born to Be. It's a blueprint to your future! It works. I'm living proof!

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