Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rest in Peace, George Stanley McGovern

I'm saddened today by the passing of the first candidate I was ever able (old enough) to vote for, Senator George McGovern.  

A gracious, loving, dedicated man, he worked all his adult life following his heroic service in WW II to make life better and war obsolete.  I have never cast a more honorable vote in my life. (I've always cast honorable votes, but never one more honorable than the one I cast for him.)

I was able to shake his hand once (I have the photo somewhere; must look it up and post it here) and I received Christmas cards from him and his wife Eleanor for several years after his defeat (by Richard Nixon) for the Presidency of the United States.  

As we all know, Nixon and his VP resigned in disgrace two years later; McGovern carried on, blessing the country and the world he served every day of his life even after he left the Senate.

A true Christian, he was a priceless treasure. I will always love him.

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