Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Second Prepub Review of SETTLE FOR BEST

Settle For Best: Satisfy the Winner You Were Born to Be by Kristine M Smith is a delightfully good read for people who want to improve themselves or find their inner happiness. This book is invaluable, jam packed with Kris's zest and love for life and how she is willing to share it with the world. Like her mentor (and my inspiration) DeForest Kelley did for me with the show he was in (Star Trek) and the way he looked at and lived his life, Kristine's new book has helped me put life's challenges in a new light and, along with De Kelley, has re-sparked my zest and love for life and my commitment to reaching my goals. Can't wait 'till it hits the shelves. [This review is based on a pre-publication review copy.] — Greg Barton, Australia

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