Monday, April 18, 2011

Laverne's Sporty New Head Gear

(You can see larger images of these on my Facebook page.)

The points of Laverne's horns are growing out at an angle so she's getting pretty "lethal" when she flings her head around to shoo Shirley away.

So today I went to the Dollar Store and bought two sporty rubber balls, sliced a hole into each one with my handy dandy deer knife (which I would never use on a deer or any other critter), and ran some Super Glue inside, then pushed them onto the end of her horns. Voila!!  Instant protection for Shirley and anyone else who's within range of her head.

Now when we trim Laverne's hooves we don't have to worry about her rearing up or thrashing her head about and wounding anyone with her horns.

Yeah, it looks pretty dorky, but IT WORKS!

Shirley's horns are growing in a nice arc right over her neck and back, so the points on hers don't pose a threat... otherwise, she would have received a pair of soccer balls to match her white coat.

My girls MUST remain color-coordinated, you know!  LOL!

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