Thursday, March 17, 2011

OMG! Jim and Kay Sent Me an "Easter Goat"! CUTE!!!

I'm trying to get my Kodak Easy Share dock to kick into gear so I can post a photo of the "Easter Goat" I just got in the mail from Jim and Kay Loveless in Chelsea, Alabama.  IT IS SO CUTE!!!!!  Thank you!!!!

Jim and May also sent $40 for the goat fence... which lies in my back yard at this very moment, with 25 heavy steel posts, awaiting my touch (er, placement and pounding). I just have to wait until the ground beneath the starting point of the fence dries out so I can dig out there without getting trapped ankle deep in heavy clay-like mud. I tried doing something there two days ago and my shoes ended up so heavy, I couldn't lift them.  Grrr... It's just that one spot that has me stopped, but of course it's the starting point, so I can't proceed until it dries out there... 

I am so blessed!!!

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