Monday, September 20, 2010

I Met Senator Patty Murray Today!

Sen. Patty Murray, D-WA and Kris Smith Sept 20, 2010
Photo by Nikki Bizzarri Regional Field Director People for Patty Murray

WOO HOO!  I drove to downtown Tacoma this morning to phone bank for Senator Patty Murray and other DEMS. Usually I make calls from my home phone but I got a tip from an Organizing For America regional manager that Senator Murray would be stopping by Tacoma to thank her supporters/helpers, so I got dressed up and went down. (I also emailed about ten other stalwarts and gave them the same heads up I had received; three of them showed up, too... any who didn't have to be at work this morning...)
Rep. Norm Dicks was there, too, so I got to thank them both for their service to the nation and to Washington State.
My first words to Senator Murray were, "Thank you for all you do. It has to be a real pain these days in Washington D.C."  She smiled and said, "But it's important." I said, "Yes, I know it is. I just don't know how you can take it sometimes these past few years." I was referring to the lock-step opposition of formerly sane and approachable GOP members.  I'm sure she knew exactly what I was referring to.
I quickly told her I'd like to give her a small gift if it was anything she would truly like, and told her that DeForest Kelley was my mentor in real life and that I wrote a book about him that I would like to give to her.
At the mention of De's name -- I didn't even have to identify him as a TREK star -- her eyes lit up a little, I assumed with fondness (I wonder if she ever met him or if she was a fan) and she said, "Oh, yes, I would like a copy!" So I told her I would inscribe it to her (I had brought a copy along in case she said yes), which I did as she met and thanked other volunteers.  Inside the book I thanked her for her service to the state and country and then signed it "Live Long and Prosper (Jer. 29:11 New Vulcan Translation.)  I think she'll get a kick out of that when she gets around to opening the book...
The picture that Nikki Bizzarri took turned out GREAT. She says it's mine to do with as I wish, so here it is!  I'll also put it on my Facebook page...
Let's get out the vote and get Senator Patty Murray back to Washington D.C. She has an impressive record and is willing to put up with the bad to achieve the good -- which makes her a saint in my book.
I planted a Patty Murray sign out front when I got home...

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