Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Morning... Coming Down from the Mountain...

I've been in Eatonville for three days house- and critter-sitting for a couple of friends. My sister is holding down the fort at home -- the cats, dogs, goats and fish (one betta, ten goldfish) are in her capable hands until I get back this morning.

The critters I'm sitting -- two horses (a quarter horse and Arabian) -- three little dogs and two big dogs -- are terrific. The dogs are all geriatric and need extra help. One needs help maneuvering the stairs after she goes potty outside, another (small dog) is blind and deaf, one of the big dogs is deaf (or almost) and the other one is crotchety with a lot of people, but not with me. All are healthy, just seriously old, having lived well beyond their life expectancies. It's a joy to care for them. It really is.

I've been reading most of the weekend. I've finished TO KILL A MOCKINGBORD -- started that last month and put it down.  I wasn't able to work from this couple's PC because it  MAY have some kind of virus, so I didn't want to open any attachments or send anything out to anyone... so I have a little bit of catching up to do when I get home for one Elance client.  I've pretty much stopped working weekends for the most part, but since I had to skip Friday, I'm going to work a little today just to be sure the one client is tucked away and happy on Monday morning...

It has been cool and overcast for two days, but not rainy. I like it.

At home I've been filling in a ditch along our property line with drainage rocks to create a second "french drain" behind the goat pen because otherwise the goat pen will get seriously soggy in winter, and goats are susceptible to hoof rot if they have to live in muddy areas. It has been quite a workout! I've transported almost five yards of rocks in a wheelbarrow about 50-75 feet back from where the rocks were dumped. True, I'm taking "granny loads" (15-20 shovels per load) so I don't crap out prematurely, but it has still been quite a task, especially on days when it's been hot.  I worked at least two hours every day last week (early morning before 9 a.m.).  I'm almost done now.  Should be wrapped up in another couple of hours, max. I guess I'm down to perhaps one square yard of rock; maybe a little more.

That's just about all the news that's fit to print for this time. Have a blessed Sunday!

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