Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Academy Awards non-Review...

I'm at home after a busy day at work. Busy but wonderful. I love my job.

I didn't watch the Academy Awards on Sunday even though I really like Ellen Degeneres. In 2000 I wrote to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (who produce the show) and told them that I would never watch their show again because they didn't acknowledge De's passing during their In Memoriam segment. Their sister show, the Emmys, did (to huge applause) and AMPAS decided that was "adequate" coverage, according to the response I received to my letter -- despite the fact that De's star on the Walk of Fame is for his motion picture career. (All the other TREK stars on the Walk are for their TV careers. I checked. I was a once-a-week "keeper" of De's star on the Walk of Fame for 12 years, from the week he received it until I returned to Washingtom State in mid-2003.) There was a large fan uproar when De was not mentioned, so AMPAS was well-notified of their muddle-brained decision, but too late to keep me tuning in. I had watched every incarnation since I was able to appreciate the show -- probably around age twelve -- up until then.

Yeah, I realize my one-person protest is not going to change a blasted thing, but it's just another small thing I do on an annual basis to acknowledge the depth and breadth of respect and gratitude I owe to my friend and mentor De. It means something to me, and that's reason enough to keep doing it.

I read that Ellen did well. That doesn't surprise me. I can well imagine that she was the best comedienne to serve as host in the history of the show and I hope she gets to do it again and again if she enjoys it. I just won't be there to cheer her on. She is a very clever lady, she digs animals, and her heart certainly seems to be filled with love and light.

My nephew commented that he thinks Ellen is "weird." He's right, of course, but I think he meant it in a negative way and I hope he owns the minority opinion in that regard. I don't know anyone who's really cool who isn't a little "weird." I'M a little weird and I may not even be really cool, except to kids and older folks, who are also refreshingly "weird." DE was a little weird -- in a lovely way! Fun-loving.

Weird is not such a bad thing to be as long as it's a loving, refreshing, entertaining, child-like kind of weird. No one who is a little weird will ever be seen as boring or as a Johnny One Note, will they? Weird people rarely come across as drab or dull. Well, except for Bill Gates, who I also like a great deal (boy howdy, does his heart appear to be in the right place!). I'll bet he's a lot more fun as a dad or as an uncle than he is as -- well, as Bill Gates.

I seem to be rambling tonight... Chain-of-thought ponderings...

Oh, well! I'll recover soon enough!

Ciao for now!

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